Face - $15
Brighten your face with some color! Perfect for work meetings, family pictures, or just because!

Partial - $20
Maybe you want tan legs or just need your upper body tanned for the outfit you're wearing. Whatever you need, it's the perfect option for some quick color!

Full Body - $30
Compliment yourself with a tan body! You'll feel healthy and look younger for ANY occasion.

Rapid Full Body - $35
Get the perfect glow in RAPID time. With this option, you can shower within three hours! Perfect for those with a busy schedule.


Save money so you can tan as often as you'd like with these special packages!
Packages are for individual use and can't be shared.

3 Pack - $84
5 Pack - $130
10 Pack - $240
(Additional cost for RAPID not included)


Brides - $50
If you are a bride, you get to enjoy a special discount for a practice session and wedding session.We will perfect the glow you're looking for on your special day during your practice session. Then two to three days prior to your wedding date, we will apply the same glow so you look and feel beautiful on your special day!


I provide special pricing for wedding parties, large groups, and teams. Bring your friends, family, and anyone you know to receive the discounted price!

4 - 7 people - $30 per tan
8 - 10 people - $25 per tan
11+ people - $20 per tan


Sunless tanning for Eden Prairie and all surrounding areas!

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